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Your health is our commitment. At Renew Life Rejuvenation in Woodlands, TX we offer premiere regenerative medicine. The foundation of regenerative medicine includes growth factors, cytokines, proteins and mesenchymal stem cells. These are a fundamental piece of our natural and holistic approach to your healthcare needs.

Where Does a Better Quality of Life Begin?

With natural science based on your body.

Medicine Based on You

Regenerative medicine is based on you.

Backed by Science

Medicine that is scientifically based on your body.

Natural & Holistic

Rejuvenating your body's natural regenerative ability.

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What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative Medicine works with the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Unlike treatments that simply address the symptoms, Regenerative Medicine actually promotes repair of the body, restoring degenerated tissue. This approach fits well with Renew Life Rejuvenation Care’s integrated model to wellness by addressing the cause rather than just treating the symptoms.

Regenerative Medicine is one of the most progressive fields for spine and joint pain. Our clinics utilize umbilical cord tissue, which is a soft tissue supplement, source of hyaluronic acid, mesenchymal stem cells and is immune evasive.

The processing of these tissues, as per the FDA guidelines, does not alter the regenerative properties of the umbilical cord, maintaining the integrity of the source material that is required for tissue repair.

We Want You to Reach Your Desired Quality of Life

You feel the effects of aging every day. Yet your desire to live to the fullest, to operate at your best, has never diminished. We offer the best in science, treatment and wellness care, working with you to develop and implement a course of treatment tailor-made to instill confidence and inspire a renewed sense of strength, confidence and joy.

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